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While most New Jersey home owners are likely to own a wood deck – the most common of which are either pressure-treated, cedar or redwood – many newer decks also come in vinyl or composites made of wood fiber combined with recycled polyethylene, like those made by Trex. While vinyl and composites require less maintenance than wood decks, all require regular cleaning to keep their like-new appearance.

Wood decks, however, are prone to darken quickly because they collect dirt and organic substances that mar their appearance. That’s why it’s always wise to have your deck power washed on a regular basis – not only to keep them clean, but to ensure the integrity and condition of the wood remains high. Otherwise, a wood deck can sometimes reach “beyond repair” condition, necessitating a costly replacement.

At Precision Powerwashing, we have restored hundreds of decks to pristine condition for our Central New Jersey clients. Make sure you don’t let another season go by with a less-than-beautiful deck for your personal use or outdoor entertaining.